Four More Years for President Obama

Another Four Years in the White House

The Obama’s Celebrate

Im so happy as well as relieved to have woken up to the news that Obama is STILL PRESIDENT!

I tried to do an all-nighter, but when I saw 3am, after a full days work, I could not longer keep my eyes open- (plus at that time Romney had more votes and I felt like throwing the remote at the TV, so sleep was definitely the safer option!)

Not only is Obama leading the USA in one of the most difficult and challenging economic times, but he is also in the process of  laying the foundations that is working to narrow the gap between the rich and poor such as by tackling health inequalities which is a subject close to my heart. I can’t imagine that Mitt Romney would take the same steps to strive for ‘inclusion’ as opposed to ‘exclusion.’ I believe that change will come, but this will take several years. The most important thing is that the seeds are being sown, and thus the Harvest will be fruitful!

And as we know, behind every successful Black President is a strong and inspiring Black First Lady! Michelle Obama has been a   force to be reckoned with in her own right. In fact, she doesn’t just stand behind Obama, but she stands side-by side and that is what makes it such a beautiful thing. Michelle Obama adds to Barack Obama- but does not overshadow him.

She has been instrumental in driving the Obama campaign during his first term in office, and I am certain that she will continue to do so for the next four years.

To be living to witness the inauguration of President Barack Obama 4 years ago was probably one of the highlights of my current existence. To live to have the memory of a Black First Lady and her children still leaves me in a daze! To be able to see a face not so different from my own makes me what want to hug myself and float on a cloud of happiness. To even just imagine the vision and the hopes of young boys and girls growing up in this crazy world to see what they could become still blows me away.

I raise a glass to the Obama’s, and wish them well in the next historical era of Presidency.

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