African Print With a Modern Twist

African Fashion


Being of Nigerian Heritage, I have grown up with miles of African printed material that used to coat the floors of my mother’s bedroom. I don’t think I truly respected the beauty of the colours or textures until more recently in my older years!

It’s the richness and brightness of the colours that I absolutely adore. But what excites me is the modern styles of clothes that we are able to create a myriad of edgy looks to suit every shape and size.
You only have to attend a Nigerian wedding as I did recently. As part of the culture, the bride’s family and friends will purchase the same print of material and have them made into different styles of their choice. So when you turn up to the wedding- it is like a Fashion show by itself!

High end Fashion are obviously jealous and stealing the glory by putting it into their catwalks as if it was something new!! You just need to look locally and see that ‘tribal’ prints are nothing new, but are damn beautiful.

Who needs Michael Kors or Versace tribal prints? Who has money to spend on Givenchy and Robert Cavalli ‘exotic’ styles? I prefer the use of the words ‘African Print’ personally, but you can pick up crazy designed material for reasonable prices, maybe less than £20 from markets at Peckham, Brixton or Petticoat Lane in London. Then source out a local tailor that you will find in some of these shops, and have your own styled unique outfit that NO ONE ELSE WILL HAVE! Wave good-bye to seeing another girl with an identical dress to you at a party!  Overall you can spend less than £50-£100 on something custom-made for yourself.

I would say that is a win-win situation. You’ll look hot, relevant and unique and have change left over to buy yourself a drink!

Maybe you’ll think about considering making your own African Print outfit for your next birthday? Or a big event!

It would be good to see if anyone has any pictures that can be added to this article so you can promote your style!


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