Water My Afro

Water makes up 70% of the human body and that is a fact!

Therefore, why don’t we water our hair like we water our bodies?

 I am forever advising patients to increase their water intake. Approximately 2L a day of water is recommended, but I would advise to start slowly to a volume which is manageable for you.

You will recognise the effects quickly. I find days that I drink more water,  I feel more alert, refreshed and am less prone to getting  migraines headaches.

Increasing your water intake will improve the quality of your hair and skin so you are in a ‘win-win’ situation.

I have found spraying my hair with a water-oil mix daily has improved the elasticity and vitality of my hair. I often then seal with another oil or butter. Jojoba oil is one of my favourites as it is light. However Shea Butter works a treat.

My hair used to be starved of moisture, but not since I treat my hair as if it is a plant- like you see in my picture taken at Kew Gardens in the summer of 2012. My hair certainly has benefitted from watering my insides and outsides!

Think about

  • Using bottled water in your spray bottle inside of tap water.
  • Spray your hair, but don’t drench it
  • Drink more water each day. Get an app that will remind you to drink!
  • Try adding a slice of lemon to your water and some ice cubes
  • Replace water e.g after exercise or in warmer environments/holidays

See Shea Butter Article

A good old friend who is a Nutritional Wellness Coach also did a great blog on Water. Have a look and Check it out!

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