Back to Basics

I’ve been natural for just over 1 year now and I am celebrating more and more every day for making the transition and I can tell you that I thought it would be the hardest choice to make and so it was at the time! But how I was so wrong!

Like many women, I had so many struggles with questions, that seem so ridiculous now- which I needed the answer to before I could make the decision to take out my weave.

In the end, I stopped listening to the excuses I was giving myself and just did it!

Do these questions sound familiar to anyone?

  • “Will natural hair suit me?”
  • “How would I wear my hair for work?”
  • “How will people perceive me?”
  • “What will my family think?”
  • “Will I still look attractive?”
  • “How will I manage my hair?”

I was driving myself banana’s asking myself all of these questions. However the  flip side was that my underlying hair was in a horrible relaxed and broken state. I was sick of spending hundreds of pounds to get the latest Brazilian over-priced weave sewn victoriously into my ‘its-too-tight’ cornrows, by some crazed hairdresser from Evil-town, knowing the quality of my hair was dwindling, and all I was doing was masking the  real problem. I looked great with my weave- but this did not fix the problem, and I was reminded by this everything I removed it.

I didn’t like my relaxed hair, my weave was too tight yet I was having an argument with myself about going natural!

Looking back now, my advice is to be excited about the change and learning about myself all over again. It was a magical moment for me and a decision that I whole-heartedly support. If your ready- then go out! Research! Read books, ask people/friends/family questions and then take the plunge.

Remember- you are not changing anything about yourself- you are just showing the real natural you.

2 responses to “Back to Basics

  1. Thankyou itsashanicole- the picture in ‘back to basics’ is similar to the one from ‘water my afro’. I flat twisted 2 or 3 day newly washed hair after spraying with water and then sealing with shea butter. I did about 6 flat twists overall. I covered my hair with a scarf for the night and took it down the next morning. I then rolled the hair back and pinned around the front and back. The smaller the flat twists, the more definition you get when you take them out! I hope this helps. I’ll be posting a video soon..

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