Black Lady in Berlin Continued

Pensive thoughts

I visited Deutschland in the winter of 2011 and I still have fond memories of my German Love.

It is a city of vibrancy and true welcome. It is easy to get around and a lot of Germans also speak English. I have a small knowledge of German from school days which was an added bonus. I would recommend a travel and/or a language book as I feel people respect that you attempt some of their language, plus it’s also quite fun!

Visiting the old Berlin Wall where so much history has taken place was warming to me. I hired a bike in the city centre cycling around Potsdamer Platz and the Holocaust Memorial. Seeing Checkpoint Charlie and its affiliated museum was also interesting.

Overall, as a black female, I felt extremely welcome. My negative preconceived ideas of Germany were wiped away in an instant. I didn’t see a large black community whilst milling around, but there were a few dotted about. The natives were friendly and were approachable to ask directions and strike up a conversation. The people, the food and the air was perfect even in the crisp cold of the German air.

I hope to go back to Berlin, but I would like to visit some other cities too such as Frankfurt and Hamburg. It would be interesting to know what it would be like to live their as black lady. I wonder if you would be treated differently? I guess this can be the case in any country when comparing a tourist to a new settler.

I had a truly cool experience, so I would definitely recommend welcoming Germany into your heart, as I am certain that the welcome will be reciprocated.

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