Is it all about the Brazilian Hair?

Brazilian Beautiful

Ok, so you want to wear a hair weave that doesn’t look like plastic, moves naturally and blends well with your own hair. Is the answer to having the perfect weave, choosing Brazilian hair?

I see more and more ladies with Brazilian hair to the point that I think no-one in Brazil has any hair left on their head!

Granted, it can look so beautiful and if styled right can look  absolutely stunning. Other hair weaves just don’t compare and certainly doesn’t last as long- and I say this speaking from experience.

The major downside is the price tag. Are we being exploited by paying ridiculous prices for hair that will eventually still have to be replaced? I guess, you can take out your Brazilian hair, wash it and re-use, so you might feel you are making an investment. Sometimes I feel we all buy into the hype and if black women are bringing out the money, then the prices will be kept high.

Now there are all types of hair on the market- Mongolian, Malaysia, Bolivian and even Russian! How do you even know which one to choose from? How can you be sure you are even really buying the hair type you want? A lot of Brazilian Hair does not come packaged so be sure you are purchasing what you asked for.

On my travels in London, I hope to be able to capture some Nubian beauties to show off some of their styles.

I am a natural, and I no longer do weaves. However I am not anti-weave. It is a good opportunity for transitioners and ladies who need a bit more time to improve their own hair quality until it is put on public show.

The other thing is that hair weaves gives us an opportunity to change our look in just a few hours- how lucky are we!

What are your thoughts on Brazilian Remy Hair? Is it a good investment? Is it the only hair weave you will buy?


Brazilian Locks

3 responses to “Is it all about the Brazilian Hair?

  1. Do you by any chance know the exact hair that is used in the picture above? I plan on getting my hair like that soon and I would love to know so we can start the buying process of the hair. I love the long tresses and the waves in the hair. Thank you soo much! ^_^

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