Nightly Hair Routine


Ok guys, I’m going to give you my nightly routine, since its what most people like to know just out of interest. I’m sure everyone has their own way of doing things, but finding out what others do can also help you to modify and adjust yours to suit you. Therefore you get the best out of your hair, and you can then achieve those long curly locks that you DESERVE to have!

Who said black hair doesn’t grow? We all know more-so that this old statement is soooo wrong. By having  good daily and night routine, it would preserve the ends of your hair which will allow better, thicker and longer hair in the future.


  • Part my hair into about 6 to eight sections


  • Spray each section lightly with an oil/water mix. I rotate which oils I use, sometimes a few drops of Argan Oil or maybe Jojoba oil.


  • I then use a small amount of Shea Butter to seal my hair


  • I then either 2-strand twist my hair, or flat twist it followed by a Bantu knot


  • Cover my hair with a satin cap and congratulate myself for completing the step when all I want to do is go straight to bed!

What I have decided to do after nearly of year of doing the above step daily, Is to omit step 3 on alternate days. Sometimes too much Shea Butter makes your hair to sticky and it can start to look dull. But keeping the hair hydrated is more important, plus there is oil in the spray.

The bantu knots and twists are taken down and my curls are further revived for another day

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