Emile Sande Has Arrived

Brit Riding Hight

I thought it was time to feature the world’s much-loved hottest British export of the momemt- Emeli Sande. Did you know that her first name is actually Adele? Can you imagine, another Adele! She is a great talent from Scotland and she is certainly on everyone’s lips in the music industry at the mere young age 26 years old. She is a beautiful mixture of a Zambian father and an English mother, her soulful voice just tickles your insides and has led her to win numerous awards. She has even been nominated for two Soul Train Awards and a number of Urban Music Awards.

Many of you may not know but Emeli Sande is also a medical student, which means not only can she cure you with her voice, but also with her mind and hands quite literally! I hear from different sources she has yet to complete her medical degree, but I think either way, I doubt we’ll be seeing her doing her daily Doctor ward rounds!

So there she is! A woman with talent, beauty and brains! See it is possible to have it all! Emeli Sande personifies something very special. She is one of a few artists at present not over-sexualised, focuses on the music and is true musician and that’s what makes me respect her even more.

She is recognised not only by her voice, but by her famous blond quiff. It’s such an edgy look and I’m sure a style that will be replicated around the world.

Dyeing your hair blonde can be a challenge so make sure you seek Professional advice, unless you want to be picking up your last few locks off of the bathroom floor! What I also like about Ms Sande is that her make-up is always on point. She loves the nude lips and the smokey eyes but this suits her skin tone so well. I like that she keeps it simple and never over-does it.

Emeli Sande is definitely a hot NubianSister!

So what are your thoughts of Emeli Sande and her sound? What do the Americans think of her the music coming from the United Kingdom?
What are your thoughts about her style- her hair and fashion style. So you think she dresses older than her age?

Let me know your thoughts!

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