Winter Wonderland 2012

If you are in London or planning to travel to London over the festive period, then definitely make a trip and head to Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland.

It is certainly a sight to behold and an exciting addition to the heart of London that  attracts those close and far away! I am a lady way into my 30’s but it still excites me and fills me with Christmas cheer which you don’t need to have children to evoke! However, in saying that kids would absolutely be ecstatic with all the things that they can expend their energy on (and your money) which would be a magical memory for all!

Entry into the Winter Wonderland is actually free- so why not take a stroll around for a day or  an evening out, as it is opened from 10am to 10pm.

Remember ladies (and gents) romantic days out or taking the littles one’s on a day trip does not have to burn big holes in your pocket. Christmas is about spending time with each other! You can get lost in the magic and create memories for free and it would certainly be a day to remember.

The Winter Wonderland has a lot of Christmas imagery to get lost in as well as Christmas Markets selling hand-made gifts such as jewellery and ornaments. There are also multiple restaurants with outdoor fires. If you want a bit of fun, you can buy tickets online for the Ice Age 4 Ice-rink, helter-skelter or ride on the big wheel.

There are lots to do and the prices are not so unreasonable with tickets starting from £7 for adults and £5 for children- so all in all, not such an expensive day out! And who knows, after your winter wonderland experience you can hop on the bus or take the Underground to do some Christmas Shopping on the beautifully decorated world-renowned Oxford Street in the West End.

London is such a great melting pot (no pun intended!) and the run up to Christmas in London truly has the festive buzz and cheer that I absolutely love. If you get a chance, come and take a look.

Click here to take you to the Winter Wonderland Website to see what it has to offer and to purchase tickets.

Let NubianSisters know what your experience was like!

Winter Wonderland Hyde Park Ice Rink

The Big Wheel at the Winter Wonderland Hyde Park

The Big Wheel at the Winter Wonderland Hyde Park

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