This was a really interesting read. I like this authors energy….NubianSistersSalute

Black Feminists Manchester

By ChristinaManch

Initially, this piece was supposed to be a follow-up to a blog post called ‘Response to “An  end to self care”: how about an end to the activist martyr complex’ by Afro feminist writer and activist Spectra . Spectra’s piece was a direct response to an article called “An end to self-care” published on Organizing Upgrade by B. Loewe, an activist who “proposed bringing an end to the individualism behind “self-care” and, instead, called for community care”.

I opted to do a follow-up to Spectra’s piece rather than a direct response to the article by B. Loewe because I only really read things written by women of colour, on some rare occasions men of colour and on  even rarer occasions white, usually queer/feminists women (throughout my education I was constantly fed the lie that women of colour do not write hence why they were not on…

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