Tracy Anderson Method- Mat Workout DVD Review

Its that time of year again where everyone is going fitness crazy and making plans to look their best in time for the Summer! It is now that you should put in the hard work to achieve the look you really want and be proud of when the sun starts to shine and bounce off your beautiful biceps and your crazily toned legs! It’s not only about how you look externally, but you must also take care with what you are putting in your mouth- but that is a whole separate blog!!

This blog will be the beginning of my ‘at-home DVD fitness reviews’ which I will be starting off with the world-famous Tracy Anderson who is the Personal Trainer to the stars such as Gwyneth Paltrow and curvaceous Shakira.

600x380_tracy mat workout 600x380


Tracy Anderson has an interesting delivery of her routines, which some may love or hate. I find her an interesting character, but I do enjoy her workouts mainly  because they are so painfully effective!

There are exercises for your arms with and without weights. They each last no longer than 10 minutes and you can add them on to other DVD exercises or after you have had a jog.

She also has standing Ab-exercises, which I don’t find particularly helpful, but she makes up for this with her abs-floor workout which is a killer and I love it! It certainly does the job and leaves you feeling the pain for a few days later.

Tracy gets you to use a chair for her standing leg workouts, but I have also found that you can do the same exercises using a park bench or anything you can steady yourself with. The floor leg exercises are equally toning and can be done quite easily in the gym, at home and whilst watching your favourite programmes, or better still- listening to your favourite songs.

I would certainly recommend this DVD and I rate it a good 8/10!

tracy anderson mat workout

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