African Fashion Week August 2013


The summer of 2013 is going to be an exciting one! Mainly because it will be African Fashion Week in London between the 1st-3rd August and it will be held in the quirky and edgey fashion district of London of Spitafield Market in the East End.

If you get a chance to attend, I would definitely advise you to do so. The experience of 2012 was amazing and I think with  more and more fashion being influenced by the colourful fabric of Africa, it is certain that 2013 will not disappoint.

Nubian Sisters will definitely be there… just watch this space! Take a look at the African fashion Week website and start making plans- why not exhibit or just attend for one of the best fashion events of the year.

Take a look below at the beautiful colours that represent Africa and all of its richness and vibrancy!





4 responses to “African Fashion Week August 2013

  1. I was at AFWL2012, I trust this year’s event will even be better. Thanks for the post, I was wondering what the date for 2013 was. I might just see you there Nubian Sister 🙂

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