The Legendary Literary Father: Chinua Achebe


Its been a week since the passing of Chinua Achebe. Many of you may already know who this great author,poet, teacher, activist, critic. He has much more roles than the afore-mentioned which is just a testament to how influential this talented man is.

Chinua Achebe was born in on November 16th 1930 and was from an Igbo background. He originated from the beautiful but often tormented land of  Nigeria where he excelled in school to win educational scholarships and where he was able to perfect his English.

He is well-known for his novels that he wrote including the well-known Things fall Apart. Make sure you have a read of this book. When I did, I could not put it down! Achebe worked hard in his novels to keep them close to Nigeria and take you into the world of cultural, family, history and many aspects of Nigerian life, past and present.

Okonkwo’s fame had grown like a bush-fire in the harmattan. He was tall and huge, and his bushy eyebrows and wide nose gave him a very severe look. He breathed heavily, and it was said that, when he slept, his wives and children in their houses could hear him breathe.” — from the 1958 novel “Things Fall Apart.”

Achebe had many other famous titles to add to his myriad of novels including, No Longer at Ease (1960), Arrow of God (1964), A Man of The People (1966) and Anthills of The Savanna (1987), just to name a few. What I like about a lot of his books is that they have different covers, but you can be certain that the content is as very much an enticing read.

I can’t find enough superlatives to direct towards this man who I hold in such high esteem. My advice to you is to go and find out, go and read and be drawn in to the testimony he has left behind in his words.
I leave a few quotes of this great man below. Until then R.I.P to one of the greatest and wisest Author that ever lived. I’m honoured to have the opportunity to have known about his work.

The only thing we have learnt from experience is that we learn nothing from experience.


When suffering knocks at your door and you say there is no seat for him, he tells you not to worry because he has brought his own stool.


A man who makes trouble for others is also making trouble for himself.


One of the truest tests of integrity is its blunt refusal to be compromised.

The damage done in one year can sometimes take ten or twenty years to repair.


People say that if you find water rising up to your ankle, that’s the time to do something about it, not when it’s around your neck.


Art is man’s constant effort to create for himself a different order of reality from that which is given to him.


I’ve had trouble now and again in Nigeria because I have spoken up about the mistreatment of factions in the country because of difference in religion. These are things we should put behind us.


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