Tattoo’s: Good, Bad or Plain Ugly?


The Sun is beginning to shine and happiness is certainly in the air in London! The Cars are playing cool tunes, the birds are tweeting merrily in the trees and the clothes are becoming more scantily clad as the women show off their curves and confidence in their stylish summer ensembles! And with all of this, I have been seeing more and more of these random grafitti inked into skin!

In particular, I am talking about tattoos on women. This I know is a contentious issue for many of us! Many people get tattoos when they are younger and it does seem to be a very fashionable individualised imprint on oneself. But what some people fail to realise is that these prints are for life, thus I think people should be counselled more about what they really want, and more importantly, where they really want it!

Stars like Rihanna and Keyshia Cole have tattoos on their necks because they do, it doesn’t mean you should! These ladies are musicians, their image is as important as their voices. They are successful enough not to have to go for interviews for an office job! And this is what some people fail to think about- long term goals and plans. People have to realise that your outward appearance can sometimes affect how you are seen and how people approach you, so think well.

I see women with tattoos on their hands and wrists- Why not think about getting a tattoos that you can cover up if you need to. You might like your tattoos, but it doesn’t mean everyone else does! One day you might want to wear a beautiful dress (or even your wedding dress!)- so think about where your tattoos are placed so it doesn’t take away from your natural femininity that you were born with.

Don’t get me wrong, I see many beautiful tattoos on many women and they are tasteful, feminine and individual. But I think unless you are a musician yourself (and successful), or a tattoo-artist, then think twice about getting a tattoo, think twice about where you are going to get it and also think twice about what you want to be inked on your body for the rest of your life.

What are your thoughts about Tattoos?  Do you like them, are they just not your cup of tea? I would like to hear your opinions. It certainly is a great debate!

Amber Rose Arm Tattoo

Amber Rose Arm Tattoo

The famous Eve paw-print Tattoos

The famous Eve paw-print Tattoos

Nicki Minaj Body Print

Nicki Minaj Body Print

Cassie Wrist Tattoo's

Cassie Wrist Tattoo’s

Neck Tattoo KC

Neck Tattoo -Ms Keyshia Cole

Faith Evans Bosom Tattoo

Faith Evans Bosom Tattoo

Rihanna Tattoo

Rihanna’s collage of Tattoos

7 responses to “Tattoo’s: Good, Bad or Plain Ugly?

  1. I think tattoos can be a wonderful expression of a person’s individuality. They can be reminders, inspirations, or rebellion at its best. I have 3 tattoos myself; yet if I don’t want them to be seen, they won’t be as they’re in coverable places. I agree with you that those considering getting inked should think several times over about the what and where a tattoo will be placed. It’s for life and should be weighed heavily. Yes, tattoo removal is an option, but who wants to go through unnecessarily painful procedures? Not I.

    • I agree with you! Tattoos can be so beautiful and understated. Reasons for having them are so varied and can be so inspirational. But as you said, they are for life and I agree one should careful consider its position! I am happy you are still fond of your inking! I wonder if you know of anyone who has regretted what or where they have had their tattoos placed?

      • I don’t know anyone who has regretted it thus far; however, not that many of my friends are inked. I would dare to say that most of them want a tat, but can’t decide on something that they would really want to have forever and where to put it.

      • Its good to hear that! The pictures of the famous stars seem ok with their tattoos, but I’m not sure it would be ok for the average lady with a big tattoo on her neck! Tattoos can be beautiful and it is certainly an expression of one’s individuality!

      • I would go so far as to suggest that celebrities should take it easy on the tattoos also. They’ll get old and wrinkly just like anyone else will, LOL.

      • I agree with you that one, but it is difficult when you are expressing yourself as an artist! I can imagine at that stage of their lives, they are at their most creative and this may be reflected by their body art and the amount that they adorn their skin with…It is interesting.

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