The Starting Point of Becoming a Natural Nubian Sister


I often get stopped by women who ask me, ‘how do you get your hair like that?’, ‘Im thinking of going natural but I don’t know where to start?’  I then get into a long-winded enthusiastic conversation about my hair journey, but I am happy to finally compose a short prose about where my journey all started and which ladies I draw from as my afro-hair inspirations.

It all started with my 100% Human Hair weave, approximately 18 inches in length! It was winter in the UK, I attended a Christmas Party and I was introduced to a friend-of-a-friend who had the most amazing natural hair which looked so healthy and hydrated, it nearly knocked me off my feet!

It was that day that the penny dropped, that it was either my hair or the weave, and it was the weave that had to lose this time!

My natural hair itself was a mess- a mixture of straight ends, broken re-growth and a cacophony of sorry-looking limp hair which truly an embarrassment. The weave was just covering up the breakage, but I was not managing it- partly because I didn’t know how to, and also it was dying of thirst from the chemical relaxers and corn-rows that were often too tight, which were needed to sew on the hair weaves of  those from women who were kind enough in Maylaysia or Brazil, to donate their hair for my usage!

So this young lady with the beautiful afro hair that winters’ night of 2011- who also has her own hair blog called Curl Apothecarie– told me to check out the videos on KimmayTube, by Kim Love, and the rest is history!

The internet is full of so many stories, inspirations, hair journeys, but there are only a few places I now go for information and I have decided to share it with you by just clicking on the links!

KimmayTube– she is certainly a natural hair inspiration. I follow most of her methods and she is living proof that black women can grow long hair. She has hundreds of videos of which she gives clear and easy to follow instructions. I would recommend you start from the beginning if you are a newbie. Kim Love who is the lady in question has now started her own product line called Luv Naturals which is available online. I have yet to try it, but it has good reviews.


Curly Nikki– she has a good website with a lot of extra information about product reviews, her hair routine and celebrity interviews. She has recently bought out a book called Better than Good Hair .


Naptural85 is also a beautiful Nubian who has clear instructions on how she manages her hair. She gives good hair styles and her hair speaks volumes in that her management really works and continues to  contribute to the growth of her luscious natural hair.


Have a look at their websites via the link, and gain that confidence to start looking after your hair and learning how to take care of it. There is no time like the present. Even if you dont think you are ready for a big-chop or removing your hair extensions, at least learn how to manage your hair underneath everything else.

The main thing I would advise you to strive for is hair quality. If you manage to conquer this by carefully handling your hair, then the length will follow.

Good luck!

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