Summer 2013 Has Fully Arrived in London!

Beyonce Looking Hot for the Summer as always!

Beyonce Looking Hot for the Summer as always!

Nubian Sisters, sorry I have been  quiescent for so long. I’ve been quiet, but far from standing still, but spinning in the world that waits for no-man.  But amongst at the whirlwind of the ups and downs of life, I’ve managed to enjoy the beautiful London Summer Sun and definitely basking in the sunshine to deepen and enrich my Golden Brown Nubian Skin!


Aaah! How funny it is that the sun shines, then everything  instantly feels and seems so much better!

London has been buzzing recently- it seems that there are too many events to keep up with! Everyone is waiting on the birth of the new Royal! The Prince William and Princess Kate Middleton’s baby is due any time now! Not to mention, the events of Royal Ascot, the Wireless Festival where Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake headlined this weekend! What else? We’ve had an unbelievable heat wave in London, which I still can’t believe is happening! The Queen is continuing her celebrations of her Diamond Jubilee with many events and concerts.

Currently the Ashes tournament is taking place, where England is dominating (that’s if you are interested in Cricket!) The Brit Chris Froome is on course to win at the Tour de France– which would make it happy days for British Sport if we can win it again for two years in a row which is unheard of!  Not to mention, the entire UK is on a high since Andy Murray won Wimbledon- the first British man to do so in 77 years!! Now, enough of all the semi-Patriotic talk (us Brits, don’t do that type of talk so well! can’t you tell?!)

I’ve certainly been working very hard, but I’ve also recently been enjoying the great sales in the shops! Check out the great summer discounts in Hennes H&M, Mango, and Asos just to name a few! If you want to avoid all the queuing and the echos of arguments over who picked up the last size 8 dress, or the headache of the heat emitting from TopShop’s changing rooms, why not shop online! Yes, do your sale shopping online. It’s so much easier now.

Online Shopping at your fingertips!

Online Shopping at your fingertips!

Granted, you can’t try on the clothes- but if you’ve shopped in the stores before, you have an idea of what their sizes are like. For example, I know what a size 8 in TopShop is and it always fits (for tops and dresses only, not trousers), so I’m happy clicking away to purchase on their website!   Most of the sale stuff is also on the website, therefore you don’t need to trawl through the endless rails of clothing which can be very tedious and quite frankly, boring!

And remember, it’s not just clothes you might want to shop for online, but shoes, accessories, bags, makeup and much more! Why would you ever need to leave your house.   Also, returns from online clothing is sooooooo easy, and often free.

Shop til you Drop!

Shop til you Drop!

Many stores allow you to return the clothes you bought online, in store, therefore you can get your refunds swiftly too. Sounds like a win-win-win situation to me!

But on saying all of this malarkey, I sometimes enjoy my adventures to the shops and the satisfaction that you get from buying a really cool item of clothing or accessory! Not to mention, it’s a great pass time. It gives you an opportunity to go on a big spend with the car and pack all your bags into the boot (boot = trunk of a car for the American readers!) without having to traverse the London underground or bus after hours of walking up and down stairs and escalators.

It gives you an opportunity to put some shopping in between, or additionally meeting up with friends. Thus shopping is a socialising process, but also an aphrodisiac that can be enjoyed independently or with other like-minded individuals (note, I stress on “like-minded” if you are shopping with someone who hates shopping, DONT SHOP! Full stop).


Getting out in the fresh air is good for you! You get to soak up some Vitamin D, so it is clinically advised, but you also get to some exercise (although you debit card might be doing most of the hard work), thus releasing those feel-good endorphins that work wonders for your mental health! Maybe, i’m spreading it on thick, but if you can incorporate a bit of shopping with a long stroll, then that can only be good news right?

Lovely, Warming Vitamin D!

Lovely, Warming Vitamin D!

Another thing about summer sun in London, is that you get to see all the latest fashion trends- good and bad, and it can be inspiring if you feel like you need a fashion update. I’ve been fortunate to travel all around the world, and there is something that has to be said for London fashion.


My lasting note, is to enjoy the sun, but stay protected with a good sun screen- yes, even for darker skins. It is important as prolonged exposure can cause skin damage no matter what shade you are! Keep your hair watered and protect it from the scorch of the midday sun!


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