Summer Hair Rules

It is 2013, which is the second summer of my afro hair! I am pleased that finally after a long process of finding what works best for my hair, I’ve come up with a top-ten tips of which you may find helpful with all of this sizzling heat!

1. Keep watered!


This is so important, hence why it is number one on the list! And this not only means externally but also internally! In fact, pay more attention to this in the heat where you and your hair are at higher risks of dehydration. Keep a spray bottle of pre-boiled or sterile water mixed with a few drops of oils of your choice and intermittently spritz over your curls. Also aim to drink 2-3 Litres of water. Not only will your hair enjoy it, but so will your skin and  mind will too- don’t believe me? try it and see the compliments flow!

2. Keep It Clean


To keep your curls, popping whilst looking fluffly and light, I’d definitely advise keeping your hair washed, maybe a bit more frequently than you would normally- therefore this may mean co-washing your hair once to twice a week. Therefore you have no excuse that your hair isn’t looking at its best each day you step out to work or on a night out this summer!

3. Keep it Moist


Along with washing your hair a bit more frequently, you will also benefitt from keeping your hair extra moisturised so it doesn’t dry out from the direct heat of the warm suns’ rays. I would use a light moisturiser that doesn’t drown your hair- but use it sparingly and you may need to do this on a daily/nightly occasion. At the moment I am using a good water-based moisturiser called Jane Carter Solution Moisture Mist. I section my hair before going to bed, spray with a bit of water, then spray with the moisturiser very lightly.

4. Seal, Seal, Seal


This is a follow on from moisturisng. My favourite is still the use of unrefined Shea Butter, but it can still be quite heavy, so I alternate this with a light oil such as Jojoba and just for fun, I may use Extra dark Jamaican Castor Oil for an extra silky feeling when I take down my twist-outs the next morning.

5. Stay Protected!


The temptation is at its most highest when the sun is out the most, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that our  beloved concept of Protective Styling goes out of the window! It would be awful if all your efforts go to toast because you have the holiday feeling for the next 3 months of the Summer,  but I say- HALT! Think again! Remember your hair only looks amazing because of all the work you put in before! So keep it going, I promise you will not regret as your hair looks even more amazing for the following Summers to come! However, I agree, you may want to show off a little some of your hard work! (in moderation darling of course!)

6. Deep Condition after you Dip


Summer sun may mean that you are more likely to go on vacation, take a dip in the pool or the sea- but it doesn’t mean that your hair should suffer as a result of the chlorine or excess salt! Your hair will be taken care of, as long as you are diligent to follow a few steps which are greatly outlined in Naptural85’s YouTube Video.

7. Don’t Become Over-exposed


The sun is so beautiful and puts most of us in a good  mood, but sometimes your hair may not be so happy if it is burnt like a crisp toast! Therefore save your hair that has no voice, but keep it out prolonged excessive sun-exposure. You can do this by simply avoiding the sun at its highest between the hours of 11am to 3pm. Or you may just want to cover up with a hat or a pretty scarf.

8. Accessories Galore!


Summer calls for hair accessories. Flowers are quite cool, as well as the afore-mentioned hats and scarfs. However keep it summer-themed with bright vibrant colours!



9. Try Something New



Summer is a great time to generally overhaul your look- hey why not? New year, new sun! Experiment with clothes that suit your shape and your hair. If you are a natural-newbie, you’ll probably want to try new hair styles that compliment your new nubian look or try on something you wouldn’t normally and be pleasantly surprised by yourself!  Make it happen! Go shopping with friends to create a new improved you!

10. Work it Out!


You can still continue to look good during your summer months, but unfortunately, there are no quick fixes- but continuing to exercise can mean you certainly feel much better which is great for your confidence! Your hair will feel better do to improved circulation to your scalp, not to mention your clothes will feel good over your toned arms and legs!

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