Mineral or Spring Water for Hair

Hello beautiful women and guys who care about hair!

I was going to product review about what I have been using in my hair recently. It may seem unusual, but I have been using sprayed spring/mineral water in my hair! And believe me, it has been revolutionary!

And yes I know, some would say, what is the difference between ‘tap’ water and ‘bottled/spring water?’- some would say it is all a gimmick or placebo. But from my experience, the spring waters as opposed to the hard waters of south London have truly softened my hair, especially when used prior to sealing with shea butter or oils.


I started to use the canned water sprays in the summer when I was feeling hot and bothered in the heat, especially travelling in and around the city. My face and skin felt immediately cool, refreshed but also soft. So naturally, I felt, if I use the spray on my hair, wouldnt that feel the same? And surely, that was the result!


I bought the Evian spray from France when I went on holiday as I haven’t yet sourced it from the local London shops. The Avene is another french brand which you can buy in pharmacy’s but also Boots and Superdrugs in the UK. I couldn’t say one was better than the other- my hair and skin enjoys them both!

Personally I see it is as a treat which comes at a small cost, but it is worth it if you feel and you see that it makes a difference.

So there you have it, i’m a fan! Are you?

4 responses to “Mineral or Spring Water for Hair

  1. Haven’t tried it ; never even thought much about it..But after reading of your experience, I will! I spend alot of time conditioning my hair when I wash it..3 times..One of those times is with a hair deep conditioning mask…Also during the week I spray it in the morning with a conditioner..The result is soft, healthy, strong hair..But I’m sure if this works it can be healthier..Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. This is a really interesting idea, the water where I live is very hard had never thought to use mineral water on my hair, but will definitley be trying now!

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