Forming of the Formation

Was it right for a global brand and star such as Beyoncé to have highlighted the issue of race relationships in the States on one of the grandest platforms in the world such as Super Bowl?


I see there have been anti-Beyoncé protest groups forming which have barely built up enough momentum. This may suggest the majority of her supporters either do not care enough; or choose to ignore it as her brand is too big or support her in being one of the hugest talents to bring the issue to the forefront in the biggest way.


I think when you see a global brand like Beyoncé who has one of the most squeaky clean images there is, go out on a limb like this to highlight the issue of race -relations, then you know “Houston has a problem” if you pardon the pun.


Somehow it will force some people to listen. I think the dent it would have on her brand would be minuscule in terms of negativity. Her voice is too loud for it to be swept under the carpet. Her video of Formation tells us so.


There’s no doubt that the work of the predecessors such as the likes of Martin Luther King made a difference in The Civil Rights Movement, but clearly from the news that is all of a sudden being thrown out there faster than Sareena Williams on the tennis courts, it seems there is a significantly far way to go.


The question is ‘why?’ How long will the injustices continue for? Not just on the US, but all over the world where inequalities based on racial prejudices cause such misery and pain to individuals & communities on a damaging scale?


Surely the Civil Rights Movement of just over 50 years ago was not in vain?


Call me a unrealist or an idealist but I long for a world of equality and equal standing amongst all races, all genders, all sexual orientations, all ages – no matter where in the world we are. It shouldn’t matter if you are a minority population in a country you reside. Shouldn’t we as humans just have mutual respect as a fellow human-being? Don’t we all bleed the same?


Having now children of my own, the beat to this drum to the song of equality has become even more resounding.

I am not one for violence but I wish and pray for something positive to bring an end to all of this awfulness.





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