Contouring & Sculpting

Beauty with a brush

Contour Queen

Contouring and highlighting make-up techniques seems to be all the buzz at the moment. It allows for an opportunity for each and every women to enhance and even modify her features through applying light and dark shades to create depths, angles and illusions to create an Egyptian-goddess-like profile.

To be honest, I am completely sold by this cosmetic explosion, and I wish I knew about this before! Where have I been all this time?

Speaking to many MAC make-up artists, they tell me that sculpting techniques have been around for years and is frequently used for high-end fashion when dressing models and artists to show off their features which reflect light to show such revealing angles.

I visited the MAC make-up Counter recently and immediately purchased my limited edition ‘Pro Sculpting Creams’! I followed their advice, watched a few YouTube videos and voila!-my face was transformed into an enhanced version of myself with the most defined cheekbones and side profile that I did not think could have existed! Believe me ladies it works! And my advice furthermore, is that a little goes a long way.

After practising and experimenting, I settled on using MAC’s ‘Richly Honed Pro Sculpting Cream‘ for contouring, or for my MACmore casual days MAC’s ‘Brown Down- Eye Shadow’ works a treat!  I’ve ditched the highlighter ‘Naturally Defined’ as I found it created an odd mask-like effect on my skin and just did not look natural in any light! So now I use a slightly lighter concealer colour than my foundation MAC’s ‘Select Cover-Up NW40’- I put it, blend and then I’m good to go!


  • Be brave with the application of the Contour and Highlighting but also be careful not to overdo it
  • Experiment with creams, powders and concealers as they can give you the same if not better effect for you
  • Invest in good make-up brushes- good tools are key in creating the look
  • Practice, practice and practice until you get the look right

My own video should be coming soon! But until then my NubianSisters- Sculpt away.

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