Jessicurl Deep Conditioning Treatment Review


I have recently discovered Jessicurl after reading it about it on various Nubian websites including Curly Nikki where she features it as one of her top products so I thought it was high time that I tried some-thing new.

I wouldn’t want to admit to being a product-junkie, but I couldn’t help but try something new for 2013, so I did. As you know from my articles, I love Curl Junkie products including their conditioners.

However I must breathe a massive sigh of relief as my face and hair smile so hard that my head is beginning to hurt because I think that Curl Junkie has strong competitor which goes by the name of Jessicurl Deep Conditioning Treatment!

I used Jessicurl Deep Conditioner with my hair steamer after co-washing with my much-loved Tresemme naturals. After rinsing out, my hair felt like it was brand new, in fact, I felt brand new! It smelt fresh, my curls were soft and the following day twist out was like one I have never had before (and yes, I am talking about a conditioner!).

Not only can you use this as a deep conditioner, but you can also use as a leave in! Can you believe the audacity of this product! I read this, and of course, I tried it! I added it to my Kimmay-tube-leave-in-Nubian-Sisters-Adapted version and voila, the feeling was like no other!

It doesn’t cost the earth and it certainly does the job. A little goes a long way, and there is no harm with mixing it with another conditioner if you feel to! I purchased it from britishcurlies website for £14.95 for 237mls (80z). I havent yet seen it in shops in the UK. Once again it seems that the best products are coming from the USA especially for natural hair. I would bet my last penny that this product would be great in any hair texture, and is not exclusive for naturals or even for curlies only.

What I also like about the product is its consistency- its nice and creamy. It also smells quite nice too! Furthermore, it is free of harsh products such as parabens and silicones.

I would highly recommend trying it and certainly deserves a good solid 9/10!

6 responses to “Jessicurl Deep Conditioning Treatment Review

  1. I agree It’s one of the best products for any hair but even more so for natural hair. I have 4b hair which needs moisture all the time. But I get jessicurl deep condish cheaper for something like 11.99 on natural for 8oz. I also use a bit as leave in

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